ВопросDynamic Background Module

Can the Dynamic Background Module be used with Drupalace to change Blog backgrounds



I have tried and cannot seem to get it to work. ie when new background is selected it does not change. any help out there


Аватар пользователя Toonies
Toonies написал:

Hi sorted the issue out, it was a configuration problem

24.03.2014 01:52


88888888888 I8, 8 ,8I ,d8 888888888888
88 `8b d8b d8' ,d888 ,8P'
88 "8, ,8"8, ,8" ,d8" 88 d8"
88aaaaa Y8 8P Y8 8P ,d8" 88 ,8P'
88""""" `8b d8' `8b d8' ,d8" 88 d8"
88 `8a a8' `8a a8' 8888888888888 ,8P'
88 `8a8' `8a8' 88 d8"
88888888888 `8' `8' 88 8P'

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